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What Is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is an injectable procedure that stimulates collagen creation deep within the skin. People develop wrinkles and lose volume in their skin as a result of a loss of collagen. Patients can gain a natural and long-lasting boost in youthfulness by addressing this condition. This is accomplished by injecting poly-L-lactic acid, a substance that is progressively absorbed by the body. Collagen is created throughout this procedure, resulting in lovely cosmetic results.

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What is a Sculptra® Treatment Like?

A number of Sculptra® injections will be performed in the desired treatment area(s). This process is virtually painless and takes only a few minutes, so the full Sculptra® treatment is completed in less than half an hour.

100% of patients
show clinical improvement for
up to 2 years


Is There Any Downtime After Sculptra®?

Because there is no downtime with Sculptra® and many other injectables, they are popular cosmetic treatments. Sculptra® is a perfect “lunchtime” surgery because patients can return to work and other routine activities right after their session.

How Many Sculptra® Treatments Will I Need?

Three Sculptra® treatments are recommended, but this can vary based on the patient’s cosmetic goals. To achieve the best outcomes, these injections are spaced out across three or four months.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Sculptra®?

As you undergo more Sculptra® treatments, the benefits will become more noticeable. Collagen takes time to form and take action in the skin, thus results can be delayed to appear at first. Most patients show outcomes two to three months following treatment, with improvements continuing after that. The results of Sculptra® can persist up to two years or longer due to the treatment’s collagen-restoring advantages.

How Much Does Sculptra® Cost?

The cost of your Sculptra® treatment will be determined by the number of injections required to get the results you desire. We will design a specific treatment plan for you when you come in for your initial appointment, which will include the precise cost of your therapy. Sculptra® is not covered by insurance because it is a cosmetic procedure. We provide CareCredit® financing and accept all major credit cards to keep this and other treatments affordable for our patients.

Because collagen is a structural component of your skin, when it stops being produced, wrinkles and creases develop. By enhancing your body’s natural production, Sculptra® at NUSCULPT can help you reverse the effects of aging. To see if Sculptra® can help you, contact us to schedule a consultation with NUSCULPT Boca Raton!

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