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What Is Scar And Stretch Mark Removal?

Scars and stretch marks are the result of damaged skin tissue. They appear darker than normal skin color and may have a rough texture. Scars can develop after injury, surgery, or severe acne. Stretch marks are most common after pregnancy, but can also develop during growth spurts in teenagers or as a result of weight gain.

Although both scars and stretch marks are harmless, many people pursue treatment to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. In order to effectively remove them, we have to eliminate the damaged skin tissue to allow bright, healthy skin to grow in its place.

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Scars & Stretch Marks

What Scar and Stretch Mark Removal Treatments are Available?

NUSCULPT offers a number of advanced treatments to minimize the appearance of scars and stretch marks without surgery or other invasive techniques. Our scar and stretch mark removal treatments require minimal downtime, making them ideal for patients with busy lifestyles. If you are seeking scar or stretch mark removal, we may recommend one of the following treatments:

Which Treatment is Right for Me?

The best treatment for you depends on your treatment goals, skin type, and personal preference. During your consultation, we will consider your cosmetic goals in order to develop a personalized plan to deliver the best results possible. At this time, we will recommend the best procedure to achieve your aesthetic goals, and will explain what you can expect regarding your treatment results.

What Kind of Results Can I Achieve Through Treatment?

After scar and stretch mark removal treatments, patients notice a reduction in the discoloration of their skin, as well as improved skin texture in the treated areas. These results typically develop over the weeks and months following treatment, with optimal results becoming noticeable approximately two or three months after the procedure. In some cases, multiple treatments will be necessary to deliver the desired results.

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