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Best Non-Surgical Neck Lift with Ultherapy

Non-Surgical Neck Lift with Ultherapy in Crestview Hills, KY, Cincinnati, OH & Boca Raton, FL

A sagging neck can make you appear older than you would like to be, and skin laxity and wrinkles simply don’t help the aging problem. For those suffering with an aging neck, we have great news! NUSCULPT offers non-invasive and non-surgical Ultherapy to help you turn back the hands of time for a more youthful appearance of the neck.

As we age, collagen begins to degrade, resulting in a loss of skin strength and elasticity. Utilizing tested and proven ultrasound technology, Ultherapy promotes the production of new collagen. Ultherapy is also the only procedure approved by the FDA to not only lift the neck, but also non-invasively lift the eyebrow, and submental areas. Even better still, it diminishes decolletage lines and wrinkles.

Ultherapy: A Neck Lift without Surgery

If you haven’t heard of Ultherapy, you’ll be surprised to know that it is the only non-invasive procedure approved by the FDA for lifting the neck, chin, and forehead, as well as reducing lines and wrinkles on the upper chest. It can also be used on any other area of the body such as arms, loose thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

In its application in lifting of the neck, Ultherapy is able to stimulate collagen production and produce tighter, more youthful-looking skin. To achieve this, Ultherapy performed at NUSCULPT travels through the skin’s surface using ultrasound energy and focused imaging. Ultherapy technology also allows for our practitioners to target the ideal amount of skin laxity at the ideal depth and temperature in order to lift and support deeper skin layers.

Benefits of Ultherapy:

  • No Need for Surgery
  • No Downtime or Recovery Time
  • Treatment is Customizable
  • Treatment is Safe & FDA Approved
  • Treatment is Fast
  • Long-Lasting Results
  • Natural Looking Results
  • Drastic Reduction of Aging Effects

Ultherapy Neck Lift Before & After Results

What is Ultherapy Neck Lift Treatment Like?

Ultherapy is an in-office procedure that lasts between sixty and ninety minutes. Typically, there is no downtime, and normal activities can resume immediately after. Redness and flushing of the skin may occur, but they should subside within a few hours. New collagen works to lift the skin on the neck and chin over a period of 2 to 3 months, with increasing results.

How Long Will It Take to See Ultherapy Neck Lift Results?

Ultherapy works by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production. This process typically takes three to six months, and new collagen gradually firms and lifts the skin over time. After treatment, you may notice a slight difference, but the real transformation occurs in the months that follow.

Ultherapy Neck Lift vs Surgery

The effects of Ultherapy are typically gradual, which means they continue to develop over time. Traditional neck surgery yields more immediate results, but there is a risk of being left with an unnatural appearance, which could possibly require additional surgeries to correct. Additionally, any invasive surgery is inherently dangerous as the patient is usually placed under anesthesia.

Non-surgical Ultherapy safely stimulates collagen production and gradually tightens the skin, producing results that appear more natural. Because no surgery or incisions are made, there is little to no downtime with Ultherapy. For those who are hesitant or unable to undergo a surgical neck lift, Ultherapy is an FDA approved non-surgical way to tighten and lift your neck skin.

Who is the Best Candidate for Ultherapy Neck Lift?

Patients with any degree of facial or neck skin laxity are typically good candidates for Ultherapy treatment. Patients with drooping eyebrows, drooping eyelid skin, and sagging facial and neck skin can benefit from treatment. Those who wish to avoid surgery or are unable to have surgery for neck skin laxity are also prime candidates for Ultherapy. No surgery also means no downtime. Additionally, ideal candidates should be in good health and have reasonable expectations regarding the procedure.

How Much Does Ultherapy Neck Lift Treatment Cost?

The size of the neck area to be treated is an important factor that will determine the price of your Ultherapy treatment. In addition, the number of Ultherapy treatments required to achieve optimal results is an additional factor that will influence the price. Some patients may benefit from multiple treatments, although the majority of patients only require one. During your initial and free consultation at NUSCULPT, we will discuss pricing based on your expectations of outcome.

Schedule your Ultherapy Neck Lift Consultation Today

If you are just beginning to show signs of aging and want to tighten sagging neck skin, Ultherapy may be the right treatment for you. To get more information about the Ultherapy non-surgical neck lift, please fill out a form on this page or give us a call today. NUSCULPT is pleased to serve the communities of Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Boca Raton, Florida. Contact us today!

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