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Is Emsculpt a Safe Procedure?

NUSCULPT Aesthetics & Wellness Is Emsculpt a Safe Procedure In Boca Raton, FL

At NUSCULPT in Crestview Hills, KY, we are proud to offer the most revolutionary services available, so that our patients achieve their aesthetic goals as simply and efficiently as possible. And when it comes to body sculpting, EMSCULPT® is in a class of its own. This electromagnetic energy device burns away unwanted fat while also toning muscle, to help support you in creating the trim and defined body of your dreams. However, due to the innovative nature of this procedure, many of our clients wonder whether or not EMSCULPT® is safe. Rest assured, our team has found EMSCULPT® to be an entirely safe procedure. Here is why:

Trust Electromagnetic Energy

The key feature of EMSCULPT® is its electromagnetic technology, designed to target problem areas to enhance tone and muscle mass. Fortunately, the electromagnetic energy used in EMSCULPT® is considered safe for a wide range of individuals. Although there are some contraindications to undergoing an EMSCULPT® procedure, such as significant fat stores, pregnancy or menstruation, these specifics can be discussed in greater detail during your consultation.

Some Mild Soreness is Expected

The beauty of EMSCULPT® is that it is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure. This generally results in fewer side effects and no required downtime, making it a convenient appointment to fit into a busy life. However, some mild muscle soreness–similar to what you might feel after physical exercise–is a common experience, given the nature of the procedure is to stimulate the muscles. This discomfort will diminish on its own.  

Schedule Your Consultation

If you have been considering EMSCULPT® and have questions about whether this treatment will be safe for you, we recommend scheduling a consultation. During this appointment, you will explain your current concerns and goals, so that we can create a plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

At NUSCULPT, we have helped countless patients safely and successfully eliminate unwanted fat while toning muscle with the help of EMSCULPT®. Our office is conveniently located for residents of Cincinnati, Florence, Crestview Hills, and the surrounding Ohio communities. So if you are excited to learn more and get started on your body contouring journey, do not hesitate to contact us.

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