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How Soon Does Kybella Start Working in Boca Raton, FL?

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Submental fullness, which is the medical term for a double chin, is likely to be the answer if you ask any adult what they dislike most about their looks. In the past, the only way to fix this problem was with plastic surgery. However, treatments with Kybella at NUSCULPT Boca Raton, FL, can now successfully reduce fullness under the chin, giving you results much faster than with a more invasive method. Many patients ask us how soon does Kybella start working? Keep reading to discover more about this amazing treatment.

What Is Kybella?

This Kybella injectable treatment gets rid of fat under the chin by using deoxycholic acid, a substance that is already in the body. We’ll put a small amount into your target area during your appointment. The deoxycholic acid will then work to break down fat cells, which will be naturally flushed out of your body over time.

Kybella can make people with moderate to severe under-chin fat look younger and healthier by redefining the shape of their lower face and reducing the amount of fat there.

Kybella Before & After Results


How Soon Does Kybella Start Working?

It takes time for the body to get rid of the under-chin fat cells that are killed by this treatment, but most people start to look better four to six weeks after their injections, which is much faster than what liposuction can do. It’s not unusual for a patient to need four to six appointments, each one a month apart, to fully deal with their submental fullness.

When we suggest a treatment plan, we will think about how your face is built and how much extra fat you have. This cosmetic treatment doesn’t work right away, but most people like how it makes them look better over time. You’ll never have to worry about looking very different all of a sudden. Instead, it will look like your chin is naturally getting smaller.

How Long Will My Kybella Double Chin Removal Results Last?

With Kybella, submental fullness or the “double chin” goes away for good. You won’t have to worry about keeping up with treatments or doing anything special to keep the results. That fat under your chin is gone for good.

Kybella Before & After Results


Why Should I Consider Kybella Treatment?

It Will Help You Look Younger

When we have a little extra fat under our chins, we often look older than we are. With this treatment, you can look like you’ve lost weight. Your lower face will look slimmer and more toned, and you’ll feel great about the way you look.

Almost Any Adult is a Candidate

This treatment with injections is less invasive than liposuction, so it can be used on a wider range of people. This treatment is done in the comfort of our office, and it doesn’t require anesthesia. This means that patients don’t have to be in as good of health to qualify. Most healthy adults are candidates, but people who are pregnant or have had certain facial surgeries are usually not.

It’s a Proven Solution

Kybella is the first and only injection treatment that has been approved by the FDA to get rid of fat that builds up under the chin. It really does work. Studies have shown that more than 68% of people who get this treatment noticeably feel less full in the submental area.

It’s Convenient

Because these injections can be given in less than 30 minutes, this is a very convenient way to get treatment. You’ll even be able to go back to your normal daily activities right away.

It’s a Condition You Can’t Get Rid of on Your Own

You can’t completely fix submental fullness with skin creams and exercises on your own. In fact, some people are more likely to get this condition because of their genes. This treatment is the most direct and effective way to deal with submental fullness.

It Will Build Your Confidence

When we have a full submental area, we can look both older and heavier. Getting rid of it can make you look younger and boost your self-esteem. After this treatment, you’ll be happy with the way you look.

Kybella Before & After Results


What Can I Expect From Kybella Treatment?

Kybella treatments are quick and simple. We’ll take a few minutes to plan where your injections will go, and then we’ll numb your skin. Then, we’ll use very small amounts of deoxycholic acid to make a quick series of injections. Patients may feel a few short pricks, but they don’t feel any pain.

Will I Need To Follow Any Post-Treatment Guidelines?

During the days after your injections, you won’t be able to work out hard or touch the area where the injections were given. Also, try to sleep with your head higher than your heart. We also suggest that you don’t get chemical peels, facials, or other injectable treatments for the area around your chin right after getting Kybella.

We can work with you to make sure those other services happen at the best time. On the day of your first injections, we will also give you more detailed instructions for what to do afterward.

Is Kybella Safe?

Yes. Kybella is safe. The deoxycholic acid we give you by injection is a man-made version of an acid your body already makes.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Kybella Double Chin Treatment?

You’re Unhappy With the Look of Your Chin

This treatment can help if you are bothered by the way your chin looks and unhappy with how submental fullness is changing the way you look. Many of our patients have been dealing with submental fullness for years. This treatment gives them the chance to finally do something about it and get rid of it. Submental fullness isn’t something you have to live with.

You’re Struggling With Submental Fullness, Not Skin Laxity

The extra fullness around the chin is sometimes caused by sagging skin, in which case Kybella is not the best solution. During your first appointment, we’ll look at your chin to make sure that submental fullness is really the issue. If your fullness is caused by skin that is too loose, we will tell you to try another treatment.

Your Skin Is Healthy

Kybella injections can only be given to people who have healthy skin that is not infected. For you to be considered, your skin in this area will need to be in good shape.

You’re At Least 18 Years Old

Patients who want to be considered must be at least 18 years old.

Kybella Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes The Double Chin?

Submental fullness can happen for a number of reasons. Some people have it because it’s in their genes and they got it from their parents. For others, it can be their lifestyle choices or even their bad posture. And for many of us, submental fullness is a natural part of getting older.

What Is the Maximum Number of Kybella Treatments I Get?

There is a maximum of six treatments per person. Often, individuals only need a total of six treatments. We will suggest a different course of action if it looks that more than six treatments will be required.

What Is the Best Age To Schedule Kybella Treatment?

Ideal candidates for this procedure are those in their twenties, thirties, or early forties, when the skin has enough flexibility to quickly adjust to the new contour of the under-chin area. Nonetheless, these injections are commonly administered to elderly individuals. You can ask for our opinion on whether or not this therapy is appropriate for you if you’re considering it.

Is Kybella Suitable for All Skin Tones?

Yes. Patients of various skin tones and kinds can benefit from this procedure.

Will Kybella Work for Men?

Yes. Everyone above the age of 18 (male or female) who wants to get rid of their double chin for good should consider this therapy.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Maximize My Kybella Results?

To get the most out of your Kybella treatment, you should start by following the post-treatment instructions we offer you. After this first phase, the lymphatic system may be aided in the process of draining out the damaged fat cells more quickly by drinking lots of water and maintaining an active lifestyle. Keep your weight where it should be.

It’s Easy To Say Goodbye to Submental Fullness (Double Chin) with Kybella

Kybella treatments don’t provide instant results, but if you’re willing to be patient, the injection can produce miraculous results. The best part is that Kybella has been shown to permanently reduce submental fullness, so you can stop worrying about your double chin for good. Do you think Kybella may help you? Contact NUSCULPT in Boca Raton, FL, and schedule your first appointment today to get started!

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