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Non-Surgical Back Fat Reduction with CoolSculpting Elite

Non-Surgical Back Fat Reduction with CoolSculpting Elite in Crestview Hills, KY, Cincinnati, OH & Boca Raton, FL Back fat is annoying and inconvenient. While other areas of the body appear to respond well to diet and exercise, back fat is notoriously resistant. In addition, it appears to have no limits!

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Best Non-Surgical Neck Lift with Ultherapy

Non-Surgical Neck Lift with Ultherapy in Crestview Hills, KY, Cincinnati, OH & Boca Raton, FL A sagging neck can make you appear older than you would like to be, and skin laxity and wrinkles simply don’t help the aging problem. For those suffering with an aging neck, we have great

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Cosmetic Injectables Offered at Nusculpt

Discover a Younger You with our World Class Cosmetic Injectables

Filler and neurotoxin treatments are some of the most sought after non-surgical cosmetic procedures. According to the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Data Bank, in 2020 alone there were almost three million botox procedures performed, a 54% increase over 2019, and there were over one million filler procedures performed, a 75% increase

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Eczema Treatment Options in Cincinnati and Boca Raton

Eczema Treatment Options in Cincinnati, OH

Eczema can feel like one of the most impossible skin conditions to overcome. Also known as atopic dermatitis, this condition is caused by specific irritants coming into contact with the skin. The result is a red, rough, itchy rash that can be difficult to conceal and even more difficult to

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Is Emsculpt a Safe Procedure?

At NUSCULPT in Crestview Hills, KY, we are proud to offer the most revolutionary services available, so that our patients achieve their aesthetic goals as simply and efficiently as possible. And when it comes to body sculpting, EMSCULPT® is in a class of its own. This electromagnetic energy device burns

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Botox® in Cincinnati, OH

How Long Will My Botox® Results Last?

When it comes to enhancing the youthful appearance of your face, Botox® is one of the most trusted and reliable methods around. For years, patients have turned to the Botox® formula to relax the dynamic facial muscles that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. As a result, this powerful and

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