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Gold Membership: First 15 months: $800: Then $50/month: Benefit: 10% discount on all services

Platinum Membership: First 15 months: $1550: Then $100/month: Benefit: 20% discount on all services

The monthly Nusculpt Membership fee involves a one-time enrollment fee of $50. The enrollment fee is paid only once as long as the Membership remains current. All Nusculpt Memberships are for a 15 month initial term, which renews automatically each year unless notice is provided after the 15 month term. After the initial 15-month minimum term, the membership becomes month to-month. To cancel a Membership after the 12 month initial term, a 90 day written notice is required. Cancellations can only be processed in person.

The monthly Membership starts the day you sign up for your Membership, and renews on that date each month. Your Member discounts and benefits renew on that date as well.

Membership discounts do not apply to training, modeling and flash sale specials.

Monthly Membership dues cannot be supplemented by any other promotional vendor programs such as Brilliant Distinctions or Aspire Rewards, but if a Member for example purchases Dysport, they get the Member rate, plus they can use their Aspire points.

Any Membership fee that is returned for insufficient funds, incorrect card number or card information is considered in arrears and due to Nusculpt. If a Membership is considered in arrears, Membership services and discounts will not be available for use until balance is paid up to and including the current month due.

If a Membership is past due for more than 10 days, to reinstate the Membership a $50 re-instatement fee must be paid.

Membership fee cannot be offset by any in store credit and must be paid by a Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover.

Prepayment for a Membership is available for a maximum of 5 years.

Monthly Membership fees are drafted on a 30 day rolling basis and are typically withdrawn on the same calendar day each month.

Particular appointment availability or provider availability is not and can not be guaranteed. All of our providers go through our rigorous training process.

Nusculpt Members agree to abide by Nusculpt Policies.

Membership payments made are not refundable.

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