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Non-Surgical Body Sculpting & Slimming with EMSCULPT | Crestview Hills, KY

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting & Slimming with EMSCULPT

What is Emsculpt Body Sculpting?

Build Muscle & Burn Fat in Crestview Hills, KY

Emsculpt non-surgical body sculpting is a non-surgical medical device that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to cause muscle contractions in the targeted area of the body. It is used to build muscle mass and strengthen the muscles in the stomach and buttocks. It has been approved by the FDA for use on the thighs, calves, biceps, and triceps. Emsculpt is not a way to lose weight, but it can help tone muscles and make them stronger. If you are looking to build muscle and sculpt your body without surgery, contact NUSCULPT today to schedule an appointment at our Crestview Hills, KY office!

How Does Emsculpt Body Sculpting Work?

The non-invasive HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology causes muscle contractions as strong as 20,000 crunches (when treating the abs) or 20,000 squats (when treating the legs) (when treating the buttocks). Also, these electromagnetic pulses cause a metabolic reaction in the area being treated. This reaction builds and strengthens muscles while getting rid of fat cells. The result is a deep remodeling and toning of your abdominal wall or the perfect shape, tone, and lift for your buttocks. Clinical studies show that, on average, muscle mass goes up by 16% and subcutaneous fat goes down by 19%.

What Areas Can Be Treated with Emsculpt Non-Surgical Body Sculpting?

Emsculpt can treat areas all over the body including:

  • Abs
  • Buttocks
  • Biceps
  • Calves
  • Thighs
  • Triceps

Emsculpt Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Results

Am I a Good Candidate for Emsculpt Body Sculpting?

Emsculpt is the best treatment for healthy men and women who want a more defined stomach, a stronger core, a smaller lower belly pouch, or a fuller, rounder butt. The new treatment gives people real muscle definition and thins out the layer of fat on top. This lets people reach fitness goals that were previously out of reach. Emsculpt is also a good way to treat diastasis recti after giving birth. Patients who are pregnant, have had mesh used to fix a hernia, have metal hardware in the treatment area, or have metal IUDs should not be treated.

What Can I Expect with Emsculpt Non-Surgical Body Sculpting?

This 30-minute procedure is safe and has been approved by the FDA. While you lay down, a large paddle is put on your stomach, buttocks, or another area. Patients have said that the machine causes tight muscle contractions that are uncomfortable but not painful. During the whole procedure, these contractions keep happening in different amounts.

With EmSculpt, there is no downtime, and most NUSCULPT patients can see the results right away.

Patients are often advised to get more than one Emsculpt treatment, usually about 3–4 days apart. How many sessions you need will depend on what you want to achieve. You should see the best results 2–4 weeks after your last session.

Does Emsculpt Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Hurt?

Emsculpt is non-surgical, and causes little to no discomfort because it does not involve any probing or poking. The majority of patients report feeling as though they’ve exerted themselves physically after a treatment, with many citing sore abs as a result, similar to a hard workout. Due to the noninvasive nature of the process, there is no downtime and minimal discomfort experienced. Once you leave our office, you can go on with your day as usual!

How Many Emsculpt Body Sculpting Treatments Are Needed to See Results?

Two Emsculpt non-surgical body sculpting sessions each week for four weeks is required. Time required for treatment of the stomach and/or buttocks is around 30 minutes. Considering how simple and noninvasive Emsculpt is, continuing treatment as often as wanted following the initial round is perfectly fine.

Does Emsculpt Body Sculpting & Slimming Really Work?

Emsculpt non-surgical body sculpting has been proved in several published studies to both build muscle mass and decrease fat in the treated region. Immediately following the first round of therapy, most patients see improvement.

How Much Do Emsculpt Body Sculpting Treatments Cost?

The number of sessions you require will have the biggest role in determining the total cost of your Emsculpt procedure. Most patients require four therapy sessions, each spaced three to four days apart, and benefit from subsequent maintenance sessions. Although the minimum number of visits is 2, some patients see improvements in both strength and aesthetics with even more regular checkups.

If you want to keep your muscles toned and healthy after you’ve reached your goals, you may schedule maintenance sessions every three to six months. Nevertheless, studies suggest that you’ll still get many of the benefits even if you don’t have any maintenance treatments for at least a year.

What Treatments Can Be Combined with Emsculpt for Better Results?

For even better results, you can combine Emsculpt with our Coolsculpting Elite device, the newest and most improved way to freeze fat away. CoolSculpting Elite is the best way to get rid of fat without surgery in the US. Throughout the last decade, more than 8 million procedures have been conducted over the world. To safely and effectively eliminate the fat cells without hurting the surrounding cells or tissue, controlled cooling technology is applied. After treatment, the body’s natural processes take care of the frozen fat cells and get rid of them over time. The results last and look natural because the fat cells are removed from the body for good.

How Long Until I See Non-Surgical Emsculpt Body Sculpting Results?

Immediately after the treatment, you will start to notice changes, such as tighter muscles and surrounding skin. Most of the time, positive results are seen two to four weeks after the last session, and they keep getting better over the next few months.

Schedule your Emsculpt Non-Surgical Body Contouring & Slimming Consultation in Crestview Hills, KY

Contact NUSCULPT in Crestview Hills, KY today to schedule your non-surgical body contouring and slimming consultation. We are proud to serve patients in Northern Kentucky, as well as Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Contact us today, we look forward to helping you achieve your desired results!

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