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What is Sagging Jowls Treatment?

The jowls are the lower parts of the cheek, which begin to sag as we age and lose volume in the face. Some people begin to develop sagging jowls earlier than others, adding years to their appearance. Fortunately, NUSCULPT specializes in several techniques to lift the jowls and create a more youthful appearance.

What Sagging Jowls Treatments are Available?

We have access to a number of advanced rejuvenation techniques to lift the skin and produce a younger appearance. These treatments allow patients to achieve significant cosmetic improvements without downtime. We may recommend one of the following treatments for sagging jowls:

Which Treatment is Right for Me?

The best treatment for you depends on your treatment goals and personal preference. During your consultation, we will consider your desired outcome in order to develop a personalized plan to deliver the best results possible. At this time, we will recommend the right treatment for you based on your specific cosmetic goals.

What Kind of Results Can I Achieve Through Treatment?

After sagging jowls treatment, patients enjoy a significant improvement in the lift of their jowls as a result of an increase in facial volume or tighter skin. In some cases, these results may even be instant. Most of our sagging jowls treatments produce long-lasting results, so patients can enjoy their smooth, youthful skin for months or years to come.

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