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Thread Lifts
Boca Raton

Facelift without the Surgery
in Boca Raton, FL

What Are Thread Lifts?

For a long time, the only operation that could elevate the skin and give the face a tighter, more youthful appearance was a surgical facelift. Patients can now attain similar results without undergoing surgery thanks to thread lifts. Thread lifts elevate the facial skin with dissolvable sutures, which are routinely used to treat wounds. A portion of the skin is sewn to raise it higher on the face, giving it a tighter appearance. Collagen formation is activated as a healing reaction as these threads are broken down and absorbed by the body. Collagen promotes the skin’s long-term growth and repair, resulting in even additional cosmetic benefits.

Benefits of a Thread Lift

thread lifts

Thread lift treatments are popular with patients since they don’t involve surgery yet still give amazing results. A thread lift treatment will provide you with the following advantages:

  • No scarring or recovery period
  • Affordable facelift alternative
  • Reduction in wrinkles and sagging skin
  • Long-lasting results
  • Lifted, youthful appearance

What Are Thread Lift Treatments Like in Boca Raton, Florida?

Thread lifts are conducted under local anesthetic to protect the patient’s safety and comfort. Dissolvable threads will be introduced into the skin to lift and tighten it during therapy. The location of these threads will be determined by the patient’s desired outcomes, but anesthetic will guarantee that the procedure is as painless as possible. The treatment can be completed in as little as one hour.

How Long is Recovery After A Thread Lift Treatment?

Thread lifts have a substantially faster recovery time than facelifts. Patients will nearly immediately be able to drive themselves home from therapy and resume normal activities. Many patients, however, choose to take a day or two off work because moderate discomfort and swelling are frequent after effects of treatment. Patients should be gentle with the treatment region for many days following treatment because the skin may be irritated and it is critical not to move the threads throughout the healing process.

Woman after thread lift non-surgical facelift Nusculpt

How Long Will My Thread Lift Non-Surgical Facelift Results Last?

The thread lift’s first results can last up to 18 months, which is about how long it takes your body to absorb the threads. You will continue to reap the benefits of more collagen in the skin after this point. As a result, many patients get long-term benefits from their treatment. Additional treatments might be done at a later date to maintain the benefits after your thread lift.

How Much Do Thread Lifts Cost in Boca Raton, Florida?

The cost of your thread lifts treatment will be determined by the outcomes you want to achieve and the number of therapy you need. When you come in for your initial consultation, we will develop a personalized plan that includes the exact cost of your treatment. Thread lifts are not covered by insurance as a cosmetic operation. We provide CareCredit® financing and accept all major credit cards to keep this and other treatments affordable for our patients. Contact our Boca Raton Florida office today to get started!

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