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    The aging process can change a woman’s body in a lot of different ways. Add having children into the mix, and you’ll notice even more dramatic changes. The vaginal area in particular is one part of the body that experiences negative changes as a result of these factors.

    In time, the vaginal tissues will begin to loosen and lead to several undesired conditions, including vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, urinary stress incontinence, and discomfort while wearing certain styles of clothing. If you are currently experiencing symptoms like these, there’s still hope. Thanks to the ThermiVa treatment, women dealing with these conditions finally have a path to relief.

    What Is ThermiVA?

    ThermiVA is a non-surgical procedure that is used to tighten the vagina by rebuilding the tissues and stimulating collagen production in the area. Collagen is an essential building block for the skin that contributes to its elasticity and helps to rejuvenate its youthful look and feel.

    As one grows old, the production of collagen begins to diminish and in time, the skin in the vaginal area will eventually become loose. In addition to this, childbirth can also speed up the process, and cause you to experience these issues much earlier.

    For all those who are facing this problem, vaginal tightening can be helpful. ThermiVA is a treatment that utilizes radiofrequency energy delivered through a special wand to carry out the process of vaginal tightening. We target the external labial folds and internal vaginal walls during the treatment.

    This innovative approach to vaginal tightening makes use of controlled heat to help rejuvenate the vaginal walls. It’s a highly effective treatment that can help restore and rebuild a woman’s vagina without the need for highly invasive surgical procedures.

    Benefits of the ThermiVa Treatment

    ThermiVA has become widely popular among women because of the amazing benefits it can provide. These benefits include:

    • Reduction in dryness and irritation.
    • Relief for women suffering from urinary stress incontinence.
    • Improvement in comfort during sexual intercourse.
    • Tightening the sagging vaginal skin that makes it difficult to wear certain styles of clothing.

    In addition to these benefits, the procedure is non-invasive, meaning there’s no downtime for recovery. You’ll be able to return to your normal activities soon after the treatment is over.

    How is ThermiVa Carried Out?

    ThermiVA is unique since it uses radiofrequency energy to rejuvenate the vaginal tissues. We’ll carefully target the areas that require treatment with excellent precision. We apply the heat in a controlled manner to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the whole process.

    The temperature is monitored continuously to ensure that the right conditions are maintained in order to prevent any discomfort and damage to the surrounding area. Patients can expect the procedure to be completed in about 30 minutes. There are no side effects associated with ThermiVa, and painkillers or anesthesia aren’t needed during the process.

    What to Expect After the ThermiVa Treatment

    Once the procedure is over, the results become apparent quickly. However, depending on the extent of loose skin in the vaginal area, more than one treatment session may be required. Once all the sessions are complete, the effects of this procedure start to show and improve over the course of time as your body begins to produce more collagen.

    Women who undergo ThermiVa treatments often experience results that last up to a year or more. While results do vary from woman to woman, ThermiVa has helped many deal with the uncomfortable results of the aging process and childbirth.

    How much does ThermiVa cost?

    Here is a price list of some of our procedures. Patients love our membership options to save money and be their best.

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