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Build Muscle & Burn Fat, Fast!

Emsculpt Treatments in
Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati, Ohio

What is Emsculpt?

Do you consistently exercise and maintain a healthy diet, but you’re still not seeing the outcomes you’ve been striving for? We have your solution! Emsculpt is a nonsurgical body shaping technique offered at NUSCULPT in Crestview Hills, Kentucky to help you sculpt muscle while burning fat at the same time. Emsculpt treatments provide a similar effect as doing 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes!

Sculpt, Tone & Strengthen Muscle
with Emsculpt

Many men and women have benefited from this innovative, non-invasive procedure designed to tighten and shape their bodies without having to spend every waking hour in the gym. High intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology is utilized by Emsculpt to tone and burn fat. Emsculpt can be used on several areas of the body, including the buttocks and stomach. Emsculpt tightens the muscles roughly 20,000 times in a 30-minute treatment to produce a more toned appearance. To learn out more about Emsculpt and how it might benefit you, contact the NUSCULPT Kentucky office today!

Benefits of Emsculpt

  • Build & Sculpt Muscle Tone
  • Increase Muscle Mass + Improve General Muscle Definition
  • Improve Muscle Definition & Increase Muscle Definition
  • Lift, firm, and tone your buttocks
  • Sculpt stronger biceps and triceps
  • Increase Leg Muscle Tone
  • Comfortable & Fast Treatment
  • FDA cleared and scientifically proven
  • No Downtime
  • Long Lasting Results

Coolsculpting® Elite Abdominal Results

How Does Emsculpt Work?

Emsculpt causes deep muscle stimulation by using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM). 20,000 muscle contractions are induced with a single Emsculpt session. You are not required to put any effort into any of this during the treatment. Emsculpt is essentially a tiny MRI machine that uses low magnetic fields for therapeutic purposes. Studies on Emsculpt have shown that it generates roughly 19% more muscle growth on average. In addition to growing muscle, hypercontraction of the muscles causes the fatty acids on the muscle cells to leak out, resulting in a 15% fat burn. Emsculpt’s ability to burn fat is more of a side effect of the device’s work on the muscles.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift with Emsculpt

If you want a rounder and more attractive butt, surgery is no longer necessary. The ideal solution for improving and enhancing the curves of your rear end is Emsculpt. By using Emsculpt to enhance the butt, we are able to achieve results similar to a Brazilian Butt Lift. To make the butt appear more toned and tight, Emsculpt can melt away the extra fat in the region and build up the butt muscles.

The best part is that EMSCULPT is a non-surgical process, so there are no visible marks to worry about. It’s time to feel amazing in your swimsuit again!

Who Are The Best Candidates for Emsculpt?

The best candidates are men and women who are at or near their optimal weight. They consistently workout because they care about their health. They are seeking additional definition that the exercise is unable to provide. There is no upper age limit. Patients with scar tissue from earlier procedures, such as a C section, abdominoplasty, or liposuction, may experience more painful contractions than usual. As long as these candidates are fully recovered and have full sensation in the treatment area, they can be treated.

How Long Does Emsculpt Treatment Take?

Treatment lasts for 30 minutes, with a minimum of 4 sessions spaced 2-3 days apart. Our team will work with you to develop a treatment strategy based on your unique body goals and objectives.

Does Emsculpt Have Any Downtime?

Emsculpt is a totally non-invasive treatment that requires zero downtime. After each session, there can be slight muscle fatigue. Usually, you can resume your normal activities soon away following the Emsculpt treatment. Smoking, binge drinking, eating disorders, and ongoing medication can all have an impact on how successfully a treatment program progresses. You are advised to eat healthily and drink plenty of water, even though no particular diet is necessary to promote and sustain ideal outcomes.

When Can I Expect Results from Emsculpt?

After four sessions, most patients experience significant improvement. Initial improvements could appear in as little as two weeks, but full results typically won’t appear until three months. Depending on their body sculpting goals, some patients may require additional treatments. The outcomes can differ from person to person, so an in person consultation is required prior to beginning Emsculpt treatments.

How Many Emsculpt Treatments Will I Need?

Depending on your goals and BMI, 4 treatments are the minimum number that is advised. Each machine session lasts 30 minutes, and there are at least two days between sessions. To maximize therapy effectiveness, a complete treatment series must be completed. In as little as two weeks, effects can be seen, and they normally get better over the following three months.

How Do I Prepare for My Emsculpt Treatment?

You don’t need to do anything special before the treatment, however it is advised that you stay hydrated to prevent cramps. On the days of treatment, dress comfortably. Remove all jewelry and metal items, including underwire bras, belts, coins, and credit cards. Wear lightweight attire. The electromagnetic energy will heat metal and damage electronic gadgets, making it necessary to put away all electronic devices, including smart phones, watches, iPads, and PCs.

What Does Emsculpt Feel Like?

Since the muscles flex as a result of the electric currents, the Emsculpt treatment feels like a strenuous workout. During the procedure, you are free to lie down and unwind. To make your treatment as easy and comfortable as possible, our team will be present.

Throughout the procedure, there will be intense muscle contractions. Although severe, they will be bearable. To cater to your level of comfort is the objective. Although 100% intensity is ideal, some patients are unable to handle it. The session is beneficial as long as there are stomach contractions. Patients with less abdominal fat may experience stronger stomach contractions than those who are extremely slim. Patients who are leaner might have a harder time achieving 100% intensity. Resuming regular activities after the session, make sure to stay hydrated.

Sculpt Your Body with Emsculpt in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you frustrated with working out constantly but not seeing your desired results? Emsculpt may be the perfect solution for you! Discover how this revolutionary technology can help you sculpt muscle and burn fat, revealing your ideal figure. To discover how Emsculpt treatments can help you reach your aesthetic goals and dream body, contact NUSCULPT today!

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