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    Body Sculpting

    What is Body Sculpting?

    Body sculpting is an advanced body contouring treatment that uses unique techniques to eliminate fat without surgery. These treatments are popular alternatives to weight loss and other surgical procedures because they offer little to no downtime, no scarring, and impressive, natural-looking results. Body sculpting treatments can also be used on nearly any area of the body, making them an excellent option for eliminating fat in the arms, abdomen, legs, buttocks, and more.

    Is Body Sculpting a Form of Weight Loss Surgery?

    The main purpose of body sculpting is to address pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Body sculpting is used for excess fat removal, and is not intended to be a source of weight loss. Body sculpting also incorporates non-surgical techniques, eliminating the scarring and downtime associated with surgical procedures. As it is not a weight loss treatment, it is recommended patients are close to their ideal weight before treatment. It is also encouraged to maintain healthy diet and exercise habits before and after treatment.

    Can Body Sculpting be Used for Abdominal Etching?

    Abdominal etching is a technique used to eliminate fat in the abdomen, revealing the abdominal muscles for a “six-pack” or otherwise more defined look. Although body sculpting is not primarily an abdominal etching treatment, body sculpting techniques can help reduce fat in the abdomen, contributing to a more defined and lean appearance. Many patients receive body sculpting treatments to help them achieve a flatter stomach.

    Can Body Sculpting be Used for Buttock Augmentation?

    If you are looking to eliminate fat from the buttocks or give it a more lifted appearance, you may benefit from body sculpting treatments. These techniques can produce subtle results that reduce fat and even build muscle, improving the size and lift of the buttocks.

    Can Body Sculpting be Used for Inner and Outer Thigh Fat Reduction?

    Many patients pursue body sculpting treatments to achieve a thigh gap or other cosmetic improvements. Body sculpting treatments are an excellent option for patients who are looking to reduce fat in the inner or outer thighs. With these techniques, patients can enjoy a reduction in fat in these areas without any surgery or downtime.

    Is Arms Sculpting Possible with Body Sculpting?

    Body sculpting is a versatile fat reduction technique that is often used to improve the contour of the arms. If you would like to reduce fat in the arms without surgery, you may be a good candidate for body sculpting treatments.

    Is Back Sculpting Possible with Body Sculpting?

    The lower back is a problem area where many people notice a build up of stubborn fat. With body sculpting, you can target these stubborn areas of fat and eliminate them for good. If you have pockets of fat on the back that don’t respond to diet and exercise, body sculpting may be a good solution.

    What Body Sculpting Techniques are Available?

    At NUSCULPT, we specialize in the most advanced body sculpting procedures available. Currently, these treatments include:


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